Release History

Version Date Description
1.7.0 2021-08-31  
1.6.4 2021-06-15  
1.6.2 2021-03-25  
1.6.0 2021-01-17  
1.5.4 2020-07-10  
1.5.2 2020-06-28  
1.5.0 2020-01-30  
1.4.0 2019-11-08  
1.3.2 2019-09-10  
1.3.0 2019-08-23  
1.2.6 2019-07-22  
1.2.4 2019-06-06  
1.2.2 2019-04-05  
1.2.0 2019-03-15  
1.1.0 2019-02-22  
1.0.12 2018-12-05  
1.0.10 2018-10-17  
1.0.8 2018-08-27  
1.0.6 2018-02-05  
1.0.4 2017-07-19  
1.0.2 2017-06-02  
1.0.0 2017-04-04  
0.8.4 2017-03-23  
0.8.2 2016-09-21  
0.8.0 2016-02-16  
0.7.0 2015-09-16  
0.6.0 2015-07-07  
0.5.2 2015-01-30  
0.5.0 2014-11-05  
0.1.0 2014-10-02  

Release 1.7.0 – 2021-08-31

Type Changes By
LinkBuilder: Allow to set link window target via link builder. sseifert
ImageMapLinkResolver: Implement resolveLink and getLinkUrl to be able to return actual link object. sseifert
LinkComponentPropertyResolver: Support component property "wcmio:linkTargetWindowTargetFallbackProperty" to define fallback property name for link window target. sseifert

Release 1.6.4 – 2021-06-15

Type Changes By
Link Reference Container: Support 'required', 'requiredLink', 'requiredTitle' properties to make sure a valid link and/or title is defined. sseifert
Register authoring clientlib also to category '' so it's also loaded in page properties dialog. bkalbitz

Release 1.6.2 – 2021-03-25

Type Changes By
Add sling-initial-content-transform-maven-plugin to alternatively allow to deploy OSGi bundle and content as content package separately in AEMaaCS. Fixes WTOOL-72. sseifert

Release 1.6.0 – 2021-01-17

Type Changes By
Switch to AEM 6.4 as minimum version. sseifert
Switch to individual OSGi artifacts with compile dependency instead of osgi.core and osgi.cmpn with provided dependency. sseifert

Release 1.5.4 – 2020-07-10

Type Changes By
LinkHandlerConfig: Use default root path for internal link type if inside editable template definition.  

Release 1.5.2 – 2020-06-28

Type Changes By
Add Jackson annotations to Link class and related interfaces to allow a convenient serialization with Sling Models Exporter.  
Make sure multiple instances of linkRefContainer in the same dialog/multifield do not interfere with each other. Fixes WHAN-39. sseifert

Release 1.5.0 – 2020-01-30

Type Changes By
Make use of ComponentPropertyResolverFactory to ensure component properties can be read properly on publish instances. sseifert
Switch to AEM 6.3 as minimum version. sseifert

Release 1.4.0 – 2019-11-08

Type Changes By
Add Link.getRedirectPages to get access to all redirect pages processed during link resolving. sseifert

Release 1.3.2 – 2019-09-10

Type Changes By
Granite UI components for link targets: Support "appendPath" parameter. Fixes WHAN-25. sseifert
Add i18n translations for Granite UI dialog snippets. Fixes WHAN-27. sseifert

Release 1.3.0 – 2019-08-23

Type Changes By
See What's new in Media Handler 1.7.0 and Link Handler 1.3.0 for an overview of the new features.  
Add Media Link File Upload Granite UI component. sseifert
Add LinkHandler.get( ) method that supports auto-detection of link type. sseifert
Add LinkHandler.invalid() method. sseifert
Support resolving link URLs found by media handler in image map definitions. sseifert
Implement a "fallback" mode when migrating components to Link Handler to read link target information from a single property. sseifert
External link type: Also accept anchor links starting with "#". sseifert
Do not set a resource type for SyntheticLinkResource. sseifert

Release 1.2.6 – 2019-07-22

Type Changes By
Synthetic link resources: Allow to specify a path for the synthetic resource, and deprecate the signatures without path. Without a valid application-specific path the wrong handler configuration may be looked up via context-aware services. sseifert

Release 1.2.4 – 2019-06-06

Type Changes By
Media link path field: Fix NPE when content resource is null. sseifert

Release 1.2.2 – 2019-04-05

Type Changes By
Link reference container Granite UI component: Enable URL validation for external link. sseifert
External link type: Relax URL validation check to also support other links with schema e.g "tel:", and protocol-relative links. sseifert

Release 1.2.0 – 2019-03-15

Type Changes By
Add Path Field Granite UI components for internal and media link types. sseifert
Add link reference container Granite UI component. sseifert
Add LinkHandlerConfig.getLinkRootPath to be used by path field Granite UI components. sseifert
Add LinkType.getLabel method. sseifert

Release 1.1.0 – 2019-02-22

Type Changes By
Introduce InternalCrossContextLinkType with a dedicated primary link ref property name, and deprecate InternalCrossScopeLinkType. sseifert
Use "Site Root Path" Granite UI widget in link dialog templates. sseifert
Switch to AEM 6.2 as minimum version. sseifert
InternalLinkResolver: Always use target context when resolving internal links inside experience fragment pages. sseifert

Release 1.0.12 – 2018-12-05

Type Changes By
Eliminate usage of deprecated Granite UI component granite/ui/components/foundation/well. sseifert
Hide predefined link/redirect status tabs in page create wizard. sseifert

Release 1.0.10 – 2018-10-17

Type Changes By
SyntheticNavigatableResource avoid NPE accessing parent when path is null. sseifert

Release 1.0.8 – 2018-08-27

Type Changes By
Add Jetbrains NotNull/Nullable annotations to API. sseifert

Release 1.0.6 – 2018-02-05

Type Changes By
Redirect page dialog: Eliminate Coral 2-specific markup. sseifert

Release 1.0.4 – 2017-07-19

Type Changes By
Link Dialog Includes: Define titles for tab pages. sseifert

Release 1.0.2 – 2017-06-02

Type Changes By
AbstractInternalLinkInheritUrlParamLinkPostProcessor: Fix handling of URIs with port numbers. Fixes WHAN-18. cnagel
LinkHandlerConfig.isRedirect: Use to be independent of Sling ResourceResolver implementation version. sseifert

Release 1.0.0 – 2017-04-04

Type Changes By
Switch to AEM 6.1 and Java 8 as minimum versions. sseifert
Switched SPI to OSGi services based on Sling Commons Context-Aware Services LinkHandlerConfig. Use SPI abstract class instead of interface + abstract helper implementation for LinkHandlerConfig, LinkType. sseifert

Release 0.8.4 – 2017-03-23

Type Changes By
Make dependencies to Config provided. sseifert

Release 0.8.2 – 2016-09-21

Type Changes By
AbstractInternalLinkInheritUrlParamLinkPostProcessor: Proper handling of link URLs with fragment part. sseifert

Release 0.8.0 – 2016-02-16

Type Changes By
Add default implementation of redirect template. sseifert
Add ResourceLink and Redirect sling models for UI views. sseifert
DefaultInternalLinkInheritUrlParamLinkPostProcessor: Add "wcmmode" as parameter, and activate it by default in AbstractLinkHandlerConfig. sseifert
Set AEM API and OSGi dependencies to provided scope. sseifert

Release 0.7.0 – 2015-09-16

Type Changes By
Add new (optional) link type "InternalCrossScopeLinkType, which is a variant of InternalLinkType that supports links to other configuration scopes (sites/languages). The main logic of both link type implementation is moved to a new class InternalLinkResolver which can be reused by custom link type implementations. sseifert
LinkHandler implementation: Make sure current page is optional to support handler in non-request scenarios as well. sseifert

Release 0.6.0 – 2015-07-07

Type Changes By
Add "LinkResolveCounter" to public API to be re-used by custom link type implementations. sseifert

Release 0.5.2 – 2015-01-30

Type Changes By
External link type: Support "mailto:" links as well. sseifert

Release 0.5.0 – 2014-11-05

Type Changes By
Initial release. sseifert

Release 0.1.0 – 2014-10-02

Type Changes By
Preliminary release. sseifert

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