Release History

Version Date Description
1.9.0 2020-03-20  
1.8.2 2020-01-30  
1.8.0 2020-01-09  
1.7.2 2019-09-10  
1.7.0 2019-08-23  
1.6.0 2019-07-22  
1.5.2 2019-06-06  
1.5.0 2019-05-20  
1.4.0 2019-04-05  
1.3.0 2019-03-15  
1.2.0 2019-02-22  
1.1.0 2019-01-29  
1.0.10 2018-08-27  
1.0.8 2018-03-14  
1.0.6 2018-02-22  
1.0.4 2017-09-12  
1.0.2 2017-08-29  
1.0.0 2017-04-04  
0.10.4 2017-03-23  
0.10.2 2016-04-29  
0.10.0 2016-02-16  
0.9.0 2015-09-09  
0.8.0 2015-08-21  
0.7.2 2015-04-23  
0.7.0 2015-04-17  
0.6.2 2015-01-30  
0.6.0 2015-01-12  
0.5.0 2014-11-05  
0.1.0 2014-10-02  

Release 1.9.0 – 2020-03-20

Type Changes By
MediaHandler: Adds MediaHandler.get(String, Resource) that allows building a media from it's path while still looking up policy/component level settings from the given context resource, like it is done when building a media using MediaHandler.get(Resource). Requires the ComponentPropertyResolverFactory to work and be configured properly. mceruti
ResourceMedia: Add support for setting responsive image sizes via HTL. This can be either imageSizes and widthOptions (width + required flag), or pictureSourceMediaFormat, pictureSourceMedia and pictureSourceWidths. Fixes WHAN-33. mrozati
ResourceMedia: Support setting custom MediaArgs properties via HTL. Fixes WHAN-36. mrozati
ResourceMedia: Support settting autoCrop mode via HTL. Fixes WHAN-37. mrozati
Support responsive images with multiple media formats and image widths. Fixes WHAN-34. mrozati
Avoid duplicated storing for fileReference in File Upload component. Fixes WHAN-35. bkalbitz
mediaPlaceholder.html: Translate the component's jcr:title so the component's translated title is displayed. mceruti

Release 1.8.2 – 2020-01-30

Type Changes By
Detect media dimensions for original renditions for non-image binaries (from asset metadata). sseifert
Make use of ComponentPropertyResolverFactory to ensure component properties can be read properly on publish instances. sseifert
DamVideoMediaMarkupBuilder: Use new default video profile names format_aac and format_ogg to support AEM 6.4+. Fixes WHAN-32. sseifert
DamVideoMediaMarkupBuilder: Do not generate flash player as fallback. sseifert

Release 1.8.0 – 2020-01-09

Type Changes By
Switch to AEM 6.3 as minimum version. sseifert
AssetRendition: Use getMetadataValueFromJcr instead of getMetadataValue. sseifert
Rendition metadata: Fix generation of rendition metadata for SVG assets in AEM 6.4 and below. sseifert
MediaNameConstants: Fix typo in wcmio:mediaRepsonsive* node names (still support old node names for backward compatibility). mrozati

Release 1.7.2 – 2019-09-10

Type Changes By
Granite UI components for file upload and path field: Support "appendPath" parameter. Fixes WHAN-25. sseifert
Add i18n translations for Granite UI dialog snippets. Fixes WHAN-27. sseifert

Release 1.7.0 – 2019-08-23

Type Changes By
See What's new in Media Handler 1.7.0 and Link Handler 1.3.0 for an overview of the new features.
Support TIFF images in media handler (with conversion to JPEG for displaying in browser). sseifert
Support SVG vector images in media handler (without transformation support). sseifert
Add Granite UI components: Media Formats Select field and Media Formats data source. sseifert
Granite UI fileupload component: Add "Clear transformation" link to clear transformations without clearing the selected image. sseifert
Add MediaHandler.invalid() method. sseifert
Add support for image maps produced by AEM image editor. sseifert
Add Granite UI dialog snippets for media format selection and responsive image settings. sseifert
Support resolving media handler-related component properties from content policies and component properties. This includes media formats, auto cropping and responsive image settings. sseifert
Allow to specify "sizes" attribute for picture sources. Fixes WHAN-24. sseifert
PathField and FileUpload Granite UI components: Support expression language for properties 'mediaFormats', 'mediaFormatsMandatory', 'mediaCropAuto', 'allowUpload'. sseifert
Inline Media Resource: Support rotation and auto-cropping. sseifert
Media placeholder: Support additional classAppend parameter. sseifert
Auto-generated IPE cropping ratios: Provide ratios from all image media formats if no media format defined for a media request. sseifert
Rendition metadata: Also create rendition metadata for SVG original rendition, as AEM itself is not storing width/height in the asset metadata for SVG. sseifert
Media handler download media format validation: Accept any files as download when no download media format is defined in the project and no media format is given for resolution. sseifert
Media format validation from GraniteUI components: Fix encoding problem when asset paths contains special chars. sseifert

Release 1.6.0 – 2019-07-22

Type Changes By
Add workflow process implementation to generate rendition metadata. See How-to article. sseifert
Rendition metadata generation: Store timestamp for rendition metadata, and re-generate it only if rendition was updated more recently. sseifert
Rendition metadata generation: Do not remove metadata for existing renditions (e.g. if listener events are processed with delays). sseifert
Rendition metadata generation: Synchronize writing asset metadata per asset path to avoid threading conflicts. sseifert

Release 1.5.2 – 2019-06-06

Type Changes By
MediaBuilder: Allow media formats without ratios for picture sources. Fixes WHAN-23. sseifert

Release 1.5.0 – 2019-05-20

Type Changes By
Allow to define a mix of mandatory and non-mandatory media formats. sseifert
Allow to define mandatory and non-mandatory widths for responsive image handling with image sizes or picture source sets. sseifert
Allow media formats without ratio for auto-generated IPE cropping ratios (free-hand cropping). sseifert
Allow responsive image handling based in "imageSizes" also for media formats without ratio. sseifert
Prefer original renditions above other renditions when creating virtual renditions on-the-fly. sseifert
Allow to set default DAM root path for Granite UI components in Media Handler configuration. sseifert
Fix potential NPE in GraniteUI components when current content resource cannot be detected. sseifert

Release 1.4.0 – 2019-04-05

Type Changes By
Add switch in media handler config and media args to include or exclude AEM-generated web renditions in media handling (default: included). sseifert
Create AssetRendition class to get dimensions and other information for asset renditions. sseifert
Granite UI components: Allow to remove auto-generated field description by setting it to an empty string. sseifert

Release 1.3.0 – 2019-03-15

Type Changes By
Add responsive image handling support using image sizes and picture sources to media handler and SimpleImageMediaMarkupBuilder. sseifert
Deprecate non-HTML standard way of responsive image handling using ResponsiveMediaFormatsBuilder and ResponsiveImageMediaMarkupBuilder. sseifert
Use WCM Granite UI Extension path fields. sseifert
Do not apply auto-cropping when manual cropping parameters are present, that lead to a mismatch with the requested media format. sseifert

Release 1.2.0 – 2019-02-22

Type Changes By
See What's new in Media Handler 1.2 for an overview of this release.
Add support for (optional) auto-cropping of DAM assets when no matching rendition exists. sseifert
Automatic customization of image in-place edititing crop ratios to ratios from configured media formats. sseifert
Add Media Handler-aware File Upload and Path Field Granite UI widgets. sseifert
Add Media Handler-aware placeholder HTL template. sseifert
Add support for component properties for media formats and auto cropping. sseifert
MediaHandler: Fallback to first media source defined if no matching media source is found. sseifert
MediaFormat: Allow to specify ratio with/height as double, and try to guess nice humban-readable ratio display string. sseifert
Switch to AEM 6.2 as minimum version. sseifert
Avoid NPE when cropping an asset without a web rendition. sseifert

Release 1.1.0 – 2019-01-29

Type Changes By
Add support for image rotation. sseifert
Allow to configure "Adobe standard" property/node names for media reference, cropping, rotation, alt. text and inline media node name via MediaHandlerConfig. sseifert
ResourceMedia: Add optional parameters for refProperty, cropProperty and rotationProperty. sseifert
Add Rendition.getRatio() method. sseifert
Use original rendition for generating the cropped images instead of the web rendition. sseifert
Deprecate flash rendition support. sseifert
DamMediaSource: If a "media" drop target already exists make use of it instead off adding a new one which breaks in-place edit mode. sseifert
ResourceMedia: Add css class using MediaBuilder instead of adding it directly to the DOM element. sseifert

Release 1.0.10 – 2018-08-27

Type Changes By
Add Jetbrains NotNull/Nullable annotations to API. sseifert

Release 1.0.8 – 2018-03-14

Type Changes By
Add AssetRenditionContentDispositionFilter to apply 'Dam Safe Binary' content disposition filter logic also to asset rendition's paths. amuthmann
Use deep URL to reference 'original' rendition instead of asset URL (revert change from release 1.0.6). sseifert

Release 1.0.6 – 2018-02-22

Type Changes By
Use asset URL instead of reference to rendition for 'original' rendition. sseifert

Release 1.0.4 – 2017-09-12

Type Changes By
MediaBuilder: can set MediaArgs "includeThumbnailAssets", "dragDropSupport" and "property". Fixes WHAN-21. mrozati

Release 1.0.2 – 2017-08-29

Type Changes By
DefaultRenditionHandler: Fix issue with width/height calculation. Fixes WHAN-20. sseifert

Release 1.0.0 – 2017-04-04

Type Changes By
Switch to AEM 6.1 and Java 8 as minimum versions. sseifert
Switched SPI to OSGi services based on Sling Commons Context-Aware Services MediaHandlerConfig, MediaFormatProvider. Use SPI abstract class instead of interface + abstract helper implementation for MediaHandlerConfig, MediaFormatProvider, MediaSource. sseifert
MediaHandlerConfig: Remove method "getDownloadMediaFormats()" - downloadable media formats are now detected by setting the "donload" flag on the media format definitions. sseifert
MediaFormat: Remove application id, add new flag "download" to mark media formats as download formats which can be linked upon. sseifert
MediaArgs/MediaBuilder: Rename "forceDownload" to "contentDispositionAttachment", add new "download" option. sseifert

Release 0.10.4 – 2017-03-23

Type Changes By
Make dependencies to Config provided. sseifert

Release 0.10.2 – 2016-04-29

Type Changes By
Relax package version dependency for to support AEM60, AEM61 and AEM62. sseifert

Release 0.10.0 – 2016-02-16

Type Changes By
Add ResourceMedia sling model for UI views. sseifert
Make the extensions array of an existing MediaFormat unmodifiable. Fixes WHAN-14. bdang
Set AEM API and OSGi dependencies to provided scope. sseifert
MediaArgs: interpret empty array for varargs parameter as null array. sseifert
MediaHandler: Introduce new INVALID_MEDIA_FORMAT media invalid reason which is returned when invalid media format names are given. sseifert

Release 0.9.0 – 2015-09-09

Type Changes By
Optional included AEM-generated asset thumbnails for media handling. Fixes WHAN-13. sseifert

Release 0.8.0 – 2015-08-21

Type Changes By
Add getMimeType() method to rendition interface. sseifert

Release 0.7.2 – 2015-04-23

Type Changes By
Allow MediaHandler to be used outside a Page context (e.g. adapting from a DAM asset resource). sseifert
Do not return rendition file size for virtual renditions (it's wrong to return the DAM rendition size, and too costly to calculate the real size). sseifert

Release 0.7.0 – 2015-04-17

Type Changes By
Add Responsive Image Media Markup Builder. Fixes WCMIO-68. sseifert

Release 0.6.2 – 2015-01-30

Type Changes By
Avoid NPE if original rendition is not present. Fixes WCMIO-40. sseifert
CropRenditionHandler should consider the biggest web enabled rendition. Fixes WCMIO-44. isechyn

Release 0.6.0 – 2015-01-12

Type Changes By
Drop Target Area definition in DamMediaSource should provide more control for activation and deactivation on the component level. Fixes WCMIO-39. sseifert
CropRenditionHandler should prefer the virtual crop rendition but still consider other renditions for media resolving. Fixes WCMIO-40. isechyn

Release 0.5.0 – 2014-11-05

Type Changes By
Initial release. sseifert

Release 0.1.0 – 2014-10-02

Type Changes By
Preliminary release. sseifert

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