Release History

Version Date Description
3.3.4 not released  
3.3.2 2021-03-25  
3.3.0 2021-01-23  
3.2.6 2020-09-27  
3.2.4 2020-09-26  
3.2.2 2020-08-26  
3.2.0 2020-07-11  
3.1.0 2020-06-28  
3.0.0 2020-04-28  
2.4.8 2020-01-30  
2.4.6 2019-12-16  
2.4.4 2019-11-25  
2.4.2 2019-10-02  
2.4.0 2019-08-23  
2.3.0 2019-06-26  
2.2.0 2019-05-09  
2.1.4 2019-03-15  
2.1.2 2019-02-22  
2.1.0 2019-01-29  
2.0.8 2019-01-16  
2.0.6 2018-12-05  
2.0.4 2018-10-17  
2.0.2 2018-09-08  
2.0.0 2018-09-05  
1.1.2 2018-09-03  
1.1.0 2018-05-26  
1.0.4 2018-02-05  
1.0.2 2018-01-15  
1.0.0 2017-12-20  

Release 3.3.4 – not released

Type Changes By
Update dependencies. sseifert
Set to current date when generating project. sseifert
Add support for AEM 6.5 SP9. sseifert
Fix super resource type of 'Content Fragment List' component. Fixes WTOOL-75. sseifert

Release 3.3.2 – 2021-03-25

Type Changes By
Update dependencies. sseifert
Do not define property core.wcm.components.version in parent POM if AEM Cloud SDK is used, it's version is defined in io.wcm.maven.aem-cloud-dependencies. sseifert
Add support for AEM 6.5 SP8. sseifert
Apply workaround for deploying "Sling-Initial-Content" for OSGi bundles with authoring client libraries via separate content packages. Fixes WTOOL-72. sseifert

Release 3.3.0 – 2021-01-23

Type Changes By
Support Java 11 in Cloud Manager. sseifert
Use core component container as root container in editable templates. sseifert
Use AEM-specific node type definitions for filevault-package-maven-plugin validation. sseifert
Define valid roots in conf and sample content packages for filevault-package-maven-plugin validation. sseifert Handler: Add configuration to support previews of inline images in edit dialogs on Authoring instances for these resource types. sseifert
Replace apps-repository-structure package with validRoots configuration definitions which is more compact and easy to maintain. sseifert
Use principal-based authentication for service user mapping of services. Use dam-writer-service instead of creating a custom service user for media handler. sseifert
Update to aem-global-parent 1.5.0 and define dependencies for OSGi annotations in parent POM. sseifert
Do no longer embed ui.apps content package in complete content packges as it may fail the AEM clouds service image build. sseifert
Switch to individual OSGi artifacts with compile dependency instead of osgi.core and osgi.cmpn with provided dependency. sseifert
Add support for AEM 6.5 SP7. sseifert
Update dependencies. sseifert

Release 3.2.6 – 2020-09-27

Type Changes By
Generate with parameters used to generate the project. sseifert
Workaround for #1187: Use responsive grid mode for content container in sample templates. sseifert
Fix custom carousel CSS error when generating without frontend module. sseifert

Release 3.2.4 – 2020-09-26

Type Changes By
conf-content: Set fixed date when downloading content package and marking nodes as replicated. sseifert
Add support for AEM 6.5 SP6. sseifert
Update dependencies. sseifert

Release 3.2.2 – 2020-08-26

Type Changes By
Update dependencies. sseifert
Remove some obsolete workarounds for AEM cloud service. sseifert

Release 3.2.0 – 2020-07-11

Type Changes By
Add experience fragment template. sseifert
Add proxy components for all core components. sseifert
Add integration tests based on AEM testing clients (optional). sseifert
Rename custom carousel component to customcarousel. sseifert
LinkHandler: Enable InternalCrossContextLinkType by default. sseifert
Do not generate source JARs for content package projects. sseifert
Default Sling logging configuration: Enabled "packaging data". sseifert
conf-content: Make sure activated status is not set in initial content section of editable templates. sseifert
sample-content: Enable cloud configurations folder by default. sseifert
Update dependencies. sseifert

Release 3.1.0 – 2020-06-28

Type Changes By
AEM cloud service: Use a single "cloud" CONGA environment for all cloud environments because AEM cloud service does not yet support deploying environment runmode-depending packages. sseifert
AEM cloud service: Set default expiration time for text/html responses to 0 minutes. sseifert
conf-content package: Set replication status for all cq:Page and cq:Template nodes to "Activated" by default. sseifert
When generating a new project for AEM Cloud service: Dynamically use latest version of io.wcm.maven.aem-cloud-dependencies that is available. sseifert
Do not set longCacheKey for AEM client libraries on AEM cloud service - it's active by default by generating a hash for each client library. sseifert
Enable Data Layer by default. sseifert
Add support for AEM 6.5 SP5. sseifert
Update dependencies. sseifert
Drop support for AEM 6.3. sseifert

Release 3.0.0 – 2020-04-28

Type Changes By
Add support for AEM Cloud Service. sseifert
Add apps-repository-structure package for validating application content packages root folders. sseifert
Enable "reproducible builds" in Maven Build process. sseifert
Use repoinit to define service users. sseifert
Set packageType and enable FileVault validation for all CONGA-generated content packages. sseifert
complete package: include ui.apps package using embedd instead of subPackage. sseifert
Rename CONGA environment "development" to "local". sseifert
Rename CONGA parameter "log.projectSpecificLogLevel" to "app.logLevel". sseifert
Add support for AEM 6.5 SP4, AEM 6.4 SP8. sseifert
Update dependencies. sseifert

Release 2.4.8 – 2020-01-30

Type Changes By
Update dependencies. sseifert
Add io.wcm.testing.wcm-io-mock.wcm as test dependency. sseifert
Use io.wcm.testing.logging.logback test dependency instead of for AEM 6.5.3 and up. sseifert

Release 2.4.6 – 2019-12-16

Type Changes By
Add support for AEM 6.5 SP3, AEM 6.4 SP7. sseifert
Fix generation of long cache keys for client libraries after switch to bnd-maven-plugin. sseifert

Release 2.4.4 – 2019-11-25

Type Changes By
Switch from maven-bundle-plugin to bnd Maven plugins. sseifert
Update dependencies. sseifert
Fix package filter in conf-content package for conf root node. sseifert

Release 2.4.2 – 2019-10-02

Type Changes By
Update to Core Components 2.7.0. sseifert
Exclude dam:thumbnail nodes for editable template definitions. sseifert
Include "core.wcm.components.image.v2" in clientlibs only when WCM Core Components are not used. sseifert
Add support for AEM 6.5 SP2, AEM 6.4 SP6. sseifert
Rename folder with generated project to project name after generation. sseifert
Update dependencies. sseifert
Fix invalid link reference page properties tab in redirect template. sseifert

Release 2.4.0 – 2019-08-23

Type Changes By
See What's new in Maven Archetype for AEM 2.4.0 for an overview of the new features.  
Make use of WCM Core Components when Handler is activated. sseifert
Remove AEM instance URLs/port numbers from and and read them from parent POM. sseifert
Add support for AEM 6.5 SP1 and AEM 6.4 SP5. sseifert
Frontend: Fix source map generation for SCSS. ifahrentholz
Add resource definition for jcr_root folders in content package modules to support sling:fsmount goal. sseifert
Update dependencies. sseifert

Release 2.3.0 – 2019-06-26

Type Changes By
Deploy client libraries to /apps with proxy mode. sseifert
Use Clientlibs UI Extensions for including AEM clientlibs (when Handler is enabled). sseifert
Update dependencies. sseifert
Update Mobile Device Emulator Configurations for AEM 6.4+. sseifert
Update frontend build dependencies and apply latest best practices to build. ifahrentholz
Fix package filter in aem-cms-config package to ensure configurations depending on run modes is deployed as well. sseifert

Release 2.2.0 – 2019-05-09

Type Changes By
Add new parameter "optionJavaVersion" with support for Java 8 and Java 11. sseifert
Add new parameter "optionNodeJsPlugin" to switch between NodeJS plugin and frontend-maven-plugin. sseifert
Add support for AEM 6.5 and AEM 6.4 SP4. sseifert
Move rewriter configuration to CONGA template. sseifert
Restructure generated folder structure: always generate "/core" subfolder für AEM webapp, regardless of optionMultiBundleLayout setting. Put install folder (complete package) and config folder (CONGA-generated) below main application folder in /apps. Fixes WTOOL-48. sseifert
Exclude folder thumbnails from DAM sample content. sseifert
Update dependencies. sseifert
Align url handler externalizer's rewriteElements config for FileVault layout to the state of Sling-Initial content layout. bdang
aem-cms-config: Use correct array syntax for DefaultGetServlet configuration. sseifert

Release 2.1.4 – 2019-03-15

Type Changes By
Use Link Handler Link Reference Container and Granite UI widgets for link selection. sseifert
Use Rich Text Handler RTE Custom Link plugin. sseifert
Update to display total script execution time. sseifert
Use bash shebang in all shell scripts. sseifert
Make build compatible with Java 11. sseifert
Update dependencies. sseifert

Release 2.1.2 – 2019-02-22

Type Changes By
Enable auto-cropping for image and carousel components (with Handler). sseifert
Use Media Handler File Upload and Path Field Granite UI widgets. sseifert
Use "Site Root Path" Granite UI widget in link dialogs. sseifert
Use Media Handler-aware placeholder HTL template. sseifert
Update dependencies. sseifert
Keep aspect ratio for both image and carousel components (CSS fix). sseifert
Fix path to imageEditConfig. sseifert
Fix Context-Aware Configuration Home Template configuration with editable templates. sseifert

Release 2.1.0 – 2019-01-29

Type Changes By
Use standard names for asset references and enable in-place edit mode for image components with Media handler. sseifert
Do not use ordered folder for assets. sseifert
Do not generate conf-content content package if editable templates is not enabled. sseifert
Update dependencies. sseifert
Remove superfluous ? from Wcmio-CAService-ContextPathRegex bundle header. sseifert
Remove allowedChildren setting for editable templates - has no effect anyway. Fix allowedChildren settings for classic templates to also allow editable templates below. sseifert
Include clientlib core.wcm.components.image.v2 by default. sseifert
Fix ACLs for DAM system user. sseifert

Release 2.0.8 – 2019-01-16

Type Changes By
Support AEM 6.4 SP3. sseifert
Update dependencies. sseifert
Disable built-in AEM link checker by default (enable it only when configured properly). sseifert

Release 2.0.6 – 2018-12-05

Type Changes By
Update dependencies. sseifert
Do not delete admin templates when enabling editable templates. sseifert
Do not show (empty) link dialog for redirect page in page creation wizard. sseifert

Release 2.0.4 – 2018-10-17

Type Changes By
Support AEM 6.3 SP3, AEM 6.4 SP2. sseifert
Update dependencies. sseifert

Release 2.0.2 – 2018-09-08

Type Changes By
Fix broken carousel edit dialog in FileVault XML. sseifert

Release 2.0.0 – 2018-09-05

Type Changes By
Add webpack-based frontend build. sseifert
Refactor sample components and sample content. sseifert
Switch to JUnit 5 for unit tests. sseifert
Drop support for AEM 6.1 and AEM 6.2. sseifert

Release 1.1.2 – 2018-09-03

Type Changes By
Update dependencies. sseifert

Release 1.1.0 – 2018-05-26

Type Changes By
Add support for AEM 6.4. sseifert
Update to Core Components 2.0.6 (for AEM 6.4 and AEM 6.3 SP2). sseifert
Enable JSON for Sling Default Get Servlet on publish - required for some OOTB administrative features. sseifert
Declare OSGi and AEM dependencies provided - each project should have full control about the dependency order of them. sseifert
Update link rewriter config. sseifert
Update dependencies. sseifert

Release 1.0.4 – 2018-02-05

Type Changes By
Update to aem-global-parent 1.2.16. sseifert
Add extra validation to make sure java package name is valid. Fixes WTOOL-44. sseifert
Update dependencies. sseifert
Disable configuration editor on publish. sseifert

Release 1.0.2 – 2018-01-15

Type Changes By
Update to aem-global-parent 1.2.14. sseifert
Use oakAuthorizableUuid CONGA handlebars helper to generate authorizable UUID. sseifert
Generate Wcmio-CAService-ContextPathRegex bundle header only for Handler projects. sseifert
Remove obsolete admin templates when Context-Aware configuration is deactivated. sseifert

Release 1.0.0 – 2017-12-20

Type Changes By
Initial release. sseifert

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Version: 3.3.3-SNAPSHOT. Last Published: 2021-06-15.