About URL Handler

URL resolving and processing.

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The URL Handler provides:

  • Building URLs from path, selectors, extension, suffix query string an fragment parts
  • Externalizing links for page links and frontend resources
  • Supporting different URL Modes for externalizing to HTTP/HTTPs, with full hostname or protocol-relative mode
  • Hostnames used for externalization for HTTP and HTTPs are stored in Context-Aware Configuration
  • Rewrites URLs to current site
  • Suffix Builder and Parser for passing around information via Sling Suffix string
  • Supports externalizing URLs for Integrator Template Mode with placeholders or Full URLs
  • Supports externalizing URLs in generated markup via Sling Rewriter
  • Generic Sling Models for usage in views: Sling Models

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Version: 1.1.7-SNAPSHOT. Last Published: 2018-12-09.