About Media Handler

Media resolving, processing and markup generation.

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The Media Handler provides:

  • Build URLs for media assets like images and downloads (based on URL Handler)
  • Pluggable media sources (with default implementations for DAM and binaries stored inside a content page)
  • Pluggable markup builders for different media types (e.g. images, DAM video)
  • Media format concept that allows to define expected output formats (with constraints for dimension, ratio, file type and others)
  • Rendering virtual renditions to match the expected output format, optionally with cropping
  • Support for responsive images by rendering multiple renditions at once for each breakpoint
  • Pluggable media pre- and postprocessing to further tailoring the media handling process
  • Generic Sling Models for usage in views: Sling Models

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Version: 1.0.11-SNAPSHOT. Last Published: 2018-12-09.