Service user configuration

WCM Commons requires a service user mapping for accessing component properties in the /apps folder.

Create a principal-based service user mapping with an entry like this:

The built-in principal sling-scripting has read access to /apps and /libs.

This configuration is required on both author and publish instances.

AEM Instance Type configuration

To detect whether code is currently running on an Author or Publish instance (without relying on the deprecated SlingSettingsService), it is required to provide an OSGi configuration “ Commons AEM Instance Type” for author and publish instances:

[configurations runModes=author]

[configurations runModes=publish]

If this configuration is not present, the InstanceTypeService implementation tries to guess the instance type from other OSGi configurations, but this is only a fallback.

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Version: 1.10.1-SNAPSHOT. Last Published: 2024-06-18.