About Asset Service

A RESTful service for resolving URLs to assets and renditions.

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The DAM Asset Services publishes a REST interface which allows to check if a DAM asset path is valid and replicated to a AEM instance. It resolves URLs to real or virtual renditions rendered on-the-fly. A data version is generated for each configured DAM asset folder to check if any asset was changed since last check.

Internally the wcm.io Media Handler is used for building the URLs to the renditions. They can be requested by dimensions or media formats.

See REST Interface for a description of the interface.

AEM Version Support Matrix

DAM Asset Service version AEM version supported
1.4.x or higher AEM 6.2 and up
1.3.x AEM 6.1 and up
1.0.x - 1.2.x AEM 6.0 and up

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Version: 1.3.1-SNAPSHOT. Last Published: 2019-08-20.