About Site API Handler Extensions

Support wcm.io Handler infrastructure in Site API.

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The Site API Handler extensions provide:

  • Link Handler Pre-Processor that rewrites internal links to Site API URL-links when rendered within a Site API request (including serving content via Sling Models Exporter)
  • Link Handler Markup Builder that customizes the generated anchor markup in rich text HTML fragments by applying the custom attributes from project-specific link representations
  • Decorate links and media references with project-specific Java objects
  • Detect content path references in context-aware configurations and map them to link and media reference decorations
  • Built-in navigation processor building navigation structure starting from site root (as configured via URL handler/Site configuration)
  • Based on Site API General Concepts and Site API Processor
  • Based on Context-Aware Services for provider type service interfaces

AEM Version Support Matrix

Site API Handler version AEM version supported
1.0.0 or higher AEM 6.5.7+, AEMaaCS


To use this module you have to deploy also:

wcm.io Sling Commons Maven Central
wcm.io AEM Sling Models Extensions Maven Central
wcm.io WCM Commons Maven Central
wcm.io WCM Granite UI Extensions Maven Central
wcm.io Handler Commons Maven Central
wcm.io URL Handler Maven Central
wcm.io Media Handler Maven Central
wcm.io Link Handler Maven Central
wcm.io Site API Processor Maven Central

GitHub Repository

Sources: https://github.com/wcm-io/io.wcm.site-api.handler

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Version: 1.0.1-SNAPSHOT. Last Published: 2023-02-06.