About Sling Commons

Common Sling utility and helper functions.

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The Sling Commons library contains:

  • Context-Aware Services which pick the best-matching OSGi service implementation based on resource context.
  • RequestContext interface which supports getting the current request via a ThreadLocal
  • Helper AdaptTo class for adapting with non-null check
  • Helper classes for accessing typed request parameters and selectors from the current request
  • An ImmutableValueMap implementation with similar interface like Google Guava’s ImmutableMap
  • Other useful helper classes, see API documentation

AEM Version Support Matrix

wcm.io Sling Commons version AEM version supported
1.3.x or higher AEM 6.2 and up
1.0.x - 1.2.x AEM 6.1 and up
0.x AEM 6.0 and up

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Version: 1.2.5-SNAPSHOT. Last Published: 2019-08-20.