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Converts AEM Dialog Definitions in JSON Format with Rules from Adobe AEM Dialog Conversion Tool.

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The Adobe AEM Dialog Conversion Tool is deployed to a AEM instance and is able to convert dialogs from installed AEM application in the repository. This is not helpful for AEM projects with Sling-Initial-Content in JSON format, because it’s tedious do get the converted dialogs back to the project in JSON format.

This Maven plugin is a wrapper around the conversion tool and applies the conversion directly to the local Maven bundle project.

From the rules included in Adobe AEM Dialog Conversion Tool only the “Node-based rewrite rules” are applied. Via configuration it is possible to choose between:

  • /libs/cq/dialogconversion/rules/coral2 (default): Migration Coral UI 2 to Coral UI 3
  • /libs/cq/dialogconversion/rules/classic: Migrate Dialogs from Classic UI

This plugin is primary targeted for the coral2 ruleset, the classic ruleset was never tested. From the rule implementation of the Adobe AEM Dialog Conversion Tool only the “node-based” rewrite rules are applied; the special “CQ Dialog”, “Include” and “Multifield” rewrite rules are not used (but thy are primary relevant for the Classic UI conversion).


Execute on a maven bundle project with Sling-Initial-Content in JSON format

mvn io.wcm.maven.plugins:json-dialog-conversion-plugin:convert

This scans all JSON files and converts cq:dialog and cq:design_dialog definitions. Make sure you have a backup / SCM commit before executing the tool! You have to review the conversion in detail, it may need further manual adjustments. The conversion removes comments from the JSON files and applies a default JSON indentation formatting.

If you want to get an exact diff of the conversion in your SCM without all the reformatting noise, you can execute a reformat-only run first, commit it, and then start the conversion:

mvn io.wcm.maven.plugins:json-dialog-conversion-plugin:convert -Dconvert.formatOnly=true

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Version: 1.0.1-SNAPSHOT. Last Published: 2020-07-08.