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This Maven Plugin is an alternative to the Content Package Maven Plugin from Adobe.

It supports:

  • Uploading and installing content packages via CRX package manager or Sling Launchpad with Composum console
  • Downloading and extracting content packages via CRX package manager or Sling Launchpad with Composum console
  • Building content packages (deprecated)

The wcm.io Content Package Maven plugin aims for compatibility in goal and property names and behavior with the Adobe plugin, so for a lot of use cases it can be used as drop-in replacement. However some goals and features are missing. See this wiki page for a comparison.

Compared to the Adobe plugin the install supports more parameters, and is much more sophisticated and failure tolerant when uploading packages. It tries to catch all types of possible problems (e.g. AEM instance not available for some seconds) and retries the upload for a certain amount of time until it succeeds.

install goal

Additional features of the install goal compared to the Adobe plugin:

  • force property - if set to false a package is not uploaded or installed if it was already uploaded before.
  • recursive property - if set to true nested packages get installed as well.
  • packageFiles property - allows installing multiple package files referenced from local filesystem or from maven repository at once.
  • bundleStatusURL - allows to check for bundle activation status before installing a package to avoid failed package deployments if the previous packages contained OSGi bundles that need some time to get installed properly.

If you only want to manage your content-package Maven project to install the content stored in the build artifact of the current project you can use the Adobe plugin.

download goal

The Adobe plugin has several limitations defining which package to download via the download goal. Basically it works only if only one version of the package is installed, and when the path to this package is specified directly and not via the artifact properties.

The wcmio-content-package-maven-plugin takes another strategy to download a package that was uploaded before. It first starts an upload of the package (without installing it). If it already exists CRX responds with the path to this package - this path is used to build the package and download it. Thus the latest package filter options from the local POM are used as well. This strategy is targeted only on content-package Maven projects, not for downloading arbitrary packages.

Additional the download goal supports compared to the Adobe plugin:

  • Unpacking the content package after download.
  • Exclude files, nodes and properties from the unpacked content via pattern lists.

package goal

The package goal of this plugin is deprecated. You should use the Jackrabbit FileVault Package Maven Plugin instead.

This migration guide lists the migration steps.

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Version: 1.8.5-SNAPSHOT. Last Published: 2021-05-11.