Link resolving, processing and markup generation.

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The Link Handler provides:

  • Build URLs for links of different types (based on URL Handler)
  • Pluggable link types (with default implementations for link to content pages, link to media assets, external links)
  • Pluggable markup builders for links
  • Pluggable link pre- and postprocessing to further tailoring the link handling process
  • Generic Sling Models for usage in views: Sling Models
  • Generic Granite UI components that can be used in component dialogs

Read the general concepts to get an overview of the functionality.

AEM Version Support Matrix

Link Handler version AEM version supported
1.1.x or higher AEM 6.2 and up
1.0.x AEM 6.1 and up
0.x AEM 6.0 and up

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Version: 1.3.3-SNAPSHOT. Last Published: 2019-10-01.