About AEM Sling Models Extension

AEM Object Injector for Sling Models.

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The AEM Object Injector for Sling Models provides:

  • Access to PageManager, Page and TagManager objects
  • Current WCM mode and Authoring UI mode
  • Current Designer, Design and Style objects
  • XSSAPI for current request
  • CQ I18n object for the current request
  • Granite Workflow Session
  • Support injection request-derived context objects on all models, not only when the adaptable is a request

See Injector API documentation for details.

AEM Version Support Matrix

wcm.io AEM Sling Models Extensions version AEM version supported
1.5.x or higher AEM 6.2 and up
1.0.x - 1.4.x AEM 6.1 and up
0.x AEM 6.0 and up


To use this module you have to deploy also:

wcm.io Sling Commons Maven Central

Comparison to ACS Commons

The ACS AEM Commons project also contains an implementation of an AEM Object Injector. It has basically the same feature-set as the wcm.io version, but it uses name-based injection based on field names.

The wcm.io AEM Object injector use class-based injection, making it easier to use independently from the field name. Since version 1.1 it supports more features than the ACS AEM Commons version.

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Version: 1.5.1-SNAPSHOT. Last Published: 2019-08-20.