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Enhances AEM WCM Core Components with wcm.io functionality.

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Adobe provides AEM developers with a set of Core Components that should be the starting point for every AEM application. The wcm.io WCM Core Components enhance the Adobe Core Components and introduces centrally managed handling for links, media and rich text by leveraging the wcm.io Handler modules. You can quickly try them out in a local AEM instance by installing the wcm.io WCM Core Component Library.

Features added to the Core Components:

A detailed documentation for each component can be found in the Component Overview.

There is currently no added wcm.io support for the Core Component AMP extensions.

AEM Version Support Matrix

wcm.io WCM Core Components version AEM Sites Core Component version AEM version supported
2.0.x-2.23.2 2.23.2, 2.24.6 and up AEM 6.5.17, AEMaaCS
1.14.0-2.23.2 2.23.2 and up AEM 6.5.17, AEMaaCS
1.13.0-2.22.6 2.22.6 and up AEM 6.5.14, AEMaaCS
1.12.0-2.20.0 2.20.0 and up AEM 6.5.13, AEMaaCS
1.11.0-2.19.0 2.19.0 and up AEM 6.5.7, AEMaaCS
1.10.0-2.18.6 2.18.6 and up AEM 6.5.7, AEMaaCS
1.9.2-2.17.12 2.17.12 and up AEM, AEM 6.5.6, AEMaaCS
1.9.0-2.17.2 2.17.x and up AEM, AEM 6.5.6, AEMaaCS
1.8.x-2.15.0 2.15.x, 2.16.x AEM, AEM 6.5.6, AEMaaCS
1.7.x-2.13.0 2.13.x, 2.14.x AEM, AEM 6.5.6, AEMaaCS
1.6.x-2.12.0 2.12.x AEM, AEM 6.5.5, AEMaaCS
1.5.x-2.11.0 2.11.x AEM, AEM 6.5.5, AEMaaCS
1.4.x-2.10.0 2.10.0 AEM, AEM 6.5.5, AEMaaCS
1.3.x-2.9.0 2.9.0 AEM 6.4.8, AEM 6.5.4, AEMaaCS
1.2.x-2.8.0 2.8.0 AEM 6.3.3, AEM 6.4.4, AEM 6.5 and up
1.2.x-2.7.0 2.7.0 AEM 6.3.3, AEM 6.4.4, AEM 6.5 and up
1.1.x-2.6.0 2.6.0 AEM 6.3.3, AEM 6.4.4, AEM 6.5 and up
1.0.x-2.5.0 2.5.0 AEM 6.3.3, AEM 6.4.2, AEM 6.5 and up
1.0.x-2.4.0 2.4.0 AEM 6.3.3, AEM 6.4.2, AEM 6.5 and up


To use this module you have to deploy also:

AEM WCM Core Components (ZIP) Maven Central
wcm.io Sling Commons Maven Central
wcm.io AEM Sling Models Extensions Maven Central
wcm.io WCM Commons Maven Central
wcm.io WCM Granite UI Extensions Maven Central
wcm.io Handler Commons Maven Central
wcm.io URL Handler Maven Central
wcm.io Media Handler Maven Central
wcm.io Link Handler Maven Central
wcm.io RichText Handler Maven Central

Further Resources

GitHub Repository

Sources: https://github.com/wcm-io/io.wcm.wcm.core.components

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Version: 2.0.3-2.23.2-SNAPSHOT. Last Published: 2024-05-22.